Our Roots


The inspiration and motivation leading to the creation of PNKids Health Nutrition brand have come from the appreciation of the value of good health, along with the love for children. It is this compassion and caring for our young ones that have lead PNKids into the cupboards and hearts of households around the world.

Here’s how we do it




About PNKids

PNKids offers a wide range of award-winning health supplements specifically formulated for kids and their nutritional needs. PNKids has been awarded “Top Brand” in the kid’s dietary supplements category in different countries worldwide. All products are manufactured only from premium grade ingredients and strictly without artificial flavors and colors.



PNKids is a subsidiary of PrincipleNutrition – a trusted brand in general health and functional supplements. PrincipleNutrition and its subsidiaries are all manufactured in the USA under strict FDA GMP standard to ensure consistent high-quality standard in each and every bottle. Our partner Crimson Pharma Inc., have been in the market since 1971.





What sets it apart from other brands

PNKids was the first multivitamin gummy in the market. It is formulated soft and sweet in taste, specifically tailored for the South East Asian palette. The consistency and chewiness is adapted to younger kids from two years old and above. Packed with “all-the-nutrition-you-need” in one great-tasting gummy.

PNKids : Now a major player in Singapore

Having a market share of 52%* compared to other brands, PNKids expansion is unstoppable. At present, we are available in all major outlets and pharmacies in Singapore and have distributed more than 5 million boxes nationwide.





Something Unique from PNKids

As a continuous effort to provide innovative and better products, PNKids is always discovering something new for our young ones. We have launched first-in-the market vitamin formats like Sugar-free and Prebiotics.
Our latest launch is the Multivitamin Syrup that comes in mango flavor (suited for kids 1 year to 12 years of age). This new product is especially designed to allow mothers to manually add the vitamins on their own kids’ drinks; fortifying it with more essential nutrients and packing it with more flavors — a unique way to supplement their child’s nutritional needs.

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